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 Dual Blade Drop list based on Celinosea.

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PostSubject: Dual Blade Drop list based on Celinosea.   Fri Dec 17, 2010 4:25 pm

Slash storm 20: Dodo, rex

Tornado spin 20: Blue wyvern, rex

Flying assaulter 20: Griffey, memory monk trainee, skelegon

Mirror image 30: Memory monk, papulatus, rex

Venom 30: Added to Green Cornian temporary until there is a reliable source
on this drop

Final cut: Zakum, chaos zakum

Monster bomb 30: Qualm guardian, zakum, chaos zakum

Sudden raid 30: Lyka, horntail

Chains of hell: zakum, chaos zakum

Stack effect 30: Oblivion guardian

Thorns 30: Horntail

On a side note, Have fun ! =D
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Dual Blade Drop list based on Celinosea.
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