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 [IMPORTANT] Merchant Bug

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PostSubject: [IMPORTANT] Merchant Bug   Fri Dec 17, 2010 11:58 pm

Hey guys, i've realised this bug and some people had been telling me that they lost their items.

Okay.. Everytime when server restarted or crashed, doesn't matter which way, the items that you are selling in bulks will automatically be reset to 1.

For eg: 10 Onyx apple will be 1. 10 Overall dex Scroll will be 1.

So basically , the quantities will be 1 upon server restart or crashed. So beware of this BUG.. IT might cause a big loss in profit.

Step to prevent it from happening :

-Try to sell 1 kind of an item each.
-Try not to sell any same equipments at the same time.

That's all. Thanks!
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[IMPORTANT] Merchant Bug
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